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Mavic Aksium Jacket W fehér

Mavic Aksium Jacket W

24.000 Ft
21.690 Ft
Kedvezmény: 2.310 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: 38057623, 38057625, 38057817, 38057819, 38057821, 38057823, 38057825
Cikkszám: 38057717, 38057719, 38057721, 38057723, 38057725, 38057617, 38057619, 38057621
Gyártó: Mavic

Stowing away a waterproof layer like our Aksium Jacket is always a good idea: particularly in spring and autumn when showers can appear from nowhere. Or if you’re doing lots of climbing then long, winding runs to the valley floor.

However, if it’s hot then that also means you’ll need to stow your extra layer either in your jersey or your shorts. So we’ve made sure this jacket packs down to fit easily into a pocket. Then when you do need it, you’re instantly protected from both wind and rain by a layer of highly resistant Wind SL fabric.

The perfect extra layer to pack – and then forget.